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Wir bieten als Weihnachts-Special edle Accessoires aus feiner Seide, Kaschmir und Baumwolle aus der Kollektion des Concept Stores MU-TU an…Lasst euch überraschen !

MU-TU Selection
unique, exklusive and handmade…a tunesian creation

Mu for Munich, Tu for Tunis. 
Mutu is the shortcut for a neighborhood in the Tunisian capital where a friend lives and works. It inspired me.
The country of my origins has become over the years the one where I need to go to escape the daily life. The more I know it, the more I discover its resources. Adding this to my French background, I imagined creating bridges from the place where I live : Munich!
MUTU-Selection gives me the opportunity to present you my  "coups de coeur" de la création tunisienne.

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